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Water Treatments

water treatmentHard Water Problems

We can help soften your water with a few different types of treatments:

Salt-Free: recommended for residential and commercial applications at or below 75 grains of hardness. It is also recommended for health conscious people, those with high blood pressure or watching their sodium intake, and people who prefer chemical-free water softening.

Salt-Based: For those who prefer the calcium and magnesium to be removed from the water using salt or potassium.

Specialty Filters and Treatments

Some systems have more than just hard water problems, and demand highly specialized water filtering treatment options. Our professionals can analyze your water and recommend the best solution to keep it flowing clean.

Acid Filter: Acidic water can be harmfully corrosive to your entire plumbing system. This condition can often be treated with a single acid neutralizing filter unit. We may also recommend the use of a water conditioner after the acid neutralizer to remove hardness.

Iron Filters:  Iron filters are extremely effective in removing hydrogen sulfide and iron, commonly associated with problem well water. These innovative designs use a unique air-injection filtering technology to oxidize sulfur or iron into precipitates that can be readily filtered and removed. The result is simply refreshingly good water from the tap, every time.

Reverse Osmosis: This is a technique used to remove dissolved impurities from the water through the use of a semi-permeable membrane. Reverse Osmosis filters out 98% of all unwanted molecules. It also removes salt, heavy minerals, and most soli materials. This procedure will require a connection to a drain for waste water.

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